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Data Metrics and Measurement
Keys to Improving Higher Education

Ad Astra has been focused on metrics to quantify effectiveness of academic operations, course access and capacity since 2010 building a comparative database to allow institutions to determine how they size up to their peers and here is what we have learned.

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Is Your Campus Really Out of Space?
Expanding Enrollments without New Construction

Colleges and universities are being forced to support growing enrollments with shrinking resources. Enrollments at America’s colleges and universities have been growing steadily. Enrollments are projected to increase by another 12% by the year 2012.

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Where is the Evidence for Student Success?
The Enrollment Management Disconnect

Enrollment Management has become an emphasis in most North American Institutions of Higher Education. While definitions of Enrollment Management are varied, a common thread is the focus on managing “cradle to grave” relationships with prospects, students, and alumni.

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A Case for a More Successful Approach to Student Success
How can higher education get better at graduating students?

Student Success is becoming an increasingly hot topic in higher education. Virtually every day, we engage in conversations with institutions concerning what they can do to partner with their students to improve academic outcomes.

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